”Once We Can Truly Master From The Within, All The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself.”


Dr. Angela Wilson, PhD, CEO and head coach From Ultimate Self Mastery Academy provides an ultimate tool that every determined achiever can guarantee high performance with consistency and prevent unpredictable breakdown or sudden tragic ending. 

The technique series can minimise the risk of business damage, Career collapse or personal crisis and ensure the high score of consistency of peak experience.

This practical formula covers 9 key angles in our life journey and 8 level depth of practice that can ensure the need of the result.

Clients simply choose the preference, follow the safe prescription of practice until it became stable at a different level of self-updating.

Dr Angela Wilson specialises in coaching on how to remove the internal blockage and suffering permanently, from life-threatening, breakdown, devastating, chronic issues in holistic health, relationship, parenting, adversity, life purpose, success, leadership within, diversity, soul development. As a result, the tremendous impact in business, career and personal life can be minimised or terminated.

”Once we can truly master from the within, all the rest will take care of itself.”