About Anchor

“I Am Immortal Till My Work is Finished” Humanity lacks the sole purpose of creating the world with unity and harmony. Each day we witness lives being destroyed, communities fight for differences and death consumed by wars in each nation. But in the end, society can’t do anything about to stop this meaningless setback.

That is when “Peace Talk” was founded. Dr. Angela Wilson PhD., an inspirational speaker, mentor and coach, CEO of Ultimate Self Mastery Academy share her knowledge here 100% free to those who needs her, as she is dedicated to World Peace through Practice.

Dr. Angela Wilson is a noted coach for all things related to hidden information, no matter it is related with life or business, and everything in between. When dealing with problems both in the macroscopic and microscopic level she looks where most don’t go. It is the part of the problem that lies deep within the human psyche and the human soul. It’s the answers that lie within us.

She sees the world, not as a world of accidents, but one that is based on human interactions. She looks at problems such as terrorism and family violence as ills of a person’s past.

She specialises in coaching on how to remove the internal blockage and suffering permanently, from life-threatening, breakdown, devastating, chronic issues in holistic health, relationship, parenting, adversity, life purpose, success, leadership within, diversity, soul development. As a result, the tremendous impact in business, career and personal life can be minimised or terminated.

The good thing is Dr Angela Wilson share her knowledge 100% free to those who needs her, as she is dedicated to World Peace through coaching on internal peace.

Angela has been standing by her advocacy to help those who are underprivileged and are weak members of society. Now her attention is attracted by orphans, social welfare programs, gay marriage advocacy, transgender communities, and animal welfare groups.

Her slogan is “Contribute To Global Peace Through Internal Peace.” From these words, we can see where she stands in the problems of today’s society. It is within that we can find the answers to everything.

Dr.Angela believes that by seeking peace within ourselves, we can solve our problems. By focusing on ourselves, we can have a huge impact on our partners, and even our families. Our family members will then in turn influence other members of the community. The flow of positive energy throughout the local community may very well influence the global arena, especially with the power of today’s technology.

As an Entrepreneur, Dr. Angela Wilson runs her coaching Academy globally with the use of the internet. Her vast range of academic and professional achievements only goes to show the extent of her knowledge as an academician, author, transformation trainer, consultant, psychotherapist, counselor, facilitator, life coach, spiritual teacher, and healer, etc.

These all give Angela privilege to extend her free offer at any corner her voice can reach.

Her mission through PeaceTalk.org is to create sustainable technology to uplift vulnerable individuals in organizations and businesses to meet their objectives within in the best way possible. She believes that by utilizing this technology you can bring about positive effects to your own life, as well as the lives of your family and community around you. This can also have an effect on the global community as well, because of these, Angela is said by many as “An angel disguised as website”

Dr. Angela Wilson works hand in hand with technology to create the world made better and she uses her knowledge to influence different kinds of people.

She stands by her philosophy that when people suffer less and are happier, then globally, we can enjoy more peaceful lives. She believes that heaven and hell are states of being within.

Angela believes that global peace lies within the hearts of each individual in the world. When there are more people suffering in the world than happy ones, then the whole world is thrown off balance, and confusion occurs.

PeaceTalk.org is a place for every individual on earth who seek for heaven within. Dr. Angela Wilson is called by many as “An angel disguised as a website”.